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Trade Shows

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Media Partners

The top Trade Shows are a cornerstone of our coverage. If you run one of those events, we certainly look forward to working with you to give your exhibitors the best coverage possible. Below you’ll find the 3 most important things for Trade Shows to know. Below these, you’ll find our form for you to apply for a Media Partnership and/or access to our editorial team.

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Your Top Exhibitors
We build relationships with Trade Shows & Exhibitors. And, we welcome you & your top exhibitors to add us to your press list. We’ve built our platform so we can cover as many of your top exhibitors as possible.

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Beautiful Coverage

We tailor our coverage for each Trade Show with a blend of tools including high quality photography, HD video, interviews, product profiles, press releases & social media. And, we’re open to any ideas you have as well!

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Media Partner

We also have a Media Partner program for top Trade Shows. We can offer exclusive pages of our sites for coverage of your event. And, we can offer 25 to 100 of our Starter packages for your top exhibitors.

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