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This page tells you about Showrooms & is an example of one!

Employer Showroom

Your Recruiting Headquarters on our Network!
Your Employer Showroom is a beautifully designed page that acts as the hub in your largest locations or industries. All content can be linked from & to the Showroom including news, events, careers, showcases, videos and all of your other content. All of our Membership packages include Showrooms. And, this page is just one example of what your Showroom can look like. This text box could be a brief bio about your company. And, the “Cover” photo above can be a 16×9 ratio photo that represents your company.

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Showcases are a page just like a showroom. But, they are used to display product lines, individual products, hiring information or other aspects of your company.
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Displayed Here

Showcases are linked from your Showroom in a place like this with a brief description & either an icon or an image of your choice that previews the Showcase. 
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Career Showcases

You can also Showcase your most popular positions so you can recruit year round or your company culture, community involvement, benefits or locations.
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Your Content

Any content you have posted to the site where your showroom resides can be displayed dynamically just like the content below. This could be careers, press releases, articles, interviews, events, benefits information, video & anything else.


You can have a panel like this to list your contact information, web site or hiring web site. Speaking of action! Ready to Get Started?