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Custom Pages for Major Campaign Elements 


Your Most Important Recruiting Content!
We designed our Showcases to give you the ability to highlight the most important elements of your recruiting campaign year-round. They also have the ability to be featured in our Special Editorial Sections & our Recruiting Categories. Sponsorship opportunities are available for each category as well. Below are a few ways you can use them.

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Top Positions
Every company has 3 to 4 types of positions they recruit for constantly. Our Career Showcases enable you to recruit year-round for those positions by providing everything those applicants need to know to apply. So, even when you don’t have the perfect opening, you can still build relationships with highly talented people in that field for future needs. We can also list your current openings in those position types.

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Major companies continually have needs in Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Building Maintenance & other departments. Recruit year-round with a Departmental Showcase on our corresponding sites such Finance, HR, Marketing, Tech, etc. Provide everything those applicants need to know to apply. The Showcase can also list your current openings in each department.

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Your products are your number 1 recruiting tool! Customers love buying your amazing products. Top talent wants to be a part of the team that makes those incredible products! And, we’ll feature them in our Specialty Categories!

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Culture & Benefits
Highlight the main features of your company such as culture, benefits, career track, dedication to the local community, philanthropy & training. We will have Special Sections for many of these with Sponsor options.

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Add a showcase on any of our city, state or trade sites to allow you to hire year-round in that market. Utilize your package elements in those locations or get your package discounts on additional content & listings. 

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Applicants often choose their careers based on location. And, your company chose your location because you love it. So, showcase all the reasons you love it to tell applicants why they should locate there too. We’ll feature in our Local Information Section.

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Trade Shows
Your company invests heavily in marketing at Trade Shows. And, the Top Talent in your industry is at those shows. So, why not recruit there? Showcase your Trade Show activity & we’ll feature it in our Event Section!

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Infinite Ideas
We have plenty more ideas on content you can post to educate top talent about how incredible your company is. Basically, the possibilities are limitless. But, if you need a few more ideas, visit our Content section.

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