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Beautiful Design

Your Brand Deserves Incredible Design!
Image is everything. Brand image in recruiting is even more important than in product marketing because choosing an employer is one of the most important investments people make. So, while great content is very important, we all know that message must be delivered in a very professional & strategic manner. Our clients have invested decades of hard work & millions of dollars in creating brands customers love. And, those brands are their most valuable recruiting assets. So, we take it very seriously that they all trust us with their brands. So, we built our platform to showcase their brands beautifully.


We require the highest of quality for all clients!
Top companies only want to associate their brands with other brands of the same caliber.  That’s why we have very high standards for any creative submitted by any clients or agencies. We only want companies who are meticulous about their brands & always strive for excellence.

We built our platform to look beautiful on any device from smartphones to 60″ TV’s. So, all of our designs automatically conform to the screen. And, we require that anything submitted to us meets the same requirements.

Beautiful, high res & pro photography is essential in representing your brand. So, we require that all photos be of the highest quality. And, we offer all of the latest design options such as full screen images & parallax scrolling.

Film can be added to any content from YouTube, Vimeo & other platforms. We require that all film be pro quality. We recommend full HD or 4K & 16×9 ratio. We highly recommend employing a professional filmmaker.


Standard or Custom? We can build it!
In order to keep costs down, we try to keep certain elements standard that most companies don’t require to be custom anyway. With that framework, we can build pages that beautifully represent your brand & give you the flexibility to display your campaign the way you envisioned it. And, the higher the package level member you are, the more options you have. If you are absolutely in need of total customization, we’re happy to talk with you & give you a quote.

We have templates for each type of content & company. We’re always coming up with options. MVP package level companies may request custom changes. Small tweaks usually don’t incur charges. We will be glad to give you a quote for major customization. 

To keep a uniform user experience, we prefer to use our default fonts. Changing & maintaining custom fonts is time consuming & requires additional design & maintenance fees. Only MVP package level companies are eligible. We’ll gladly give you a quote.

We utilize Font Awesome icons. Only MVP package level companies are allowed to use custom icons & colors. When you submit any design, just let us know which icons you want for each section along with the hex colors. 

In order to keep a uniform experience for users, we prefer to stick with our default colors. Only MVP package level companies can request custom colors on Icons & Titles. All paragraph text must remain black.


Showrooms, Showcases & Posts
The basic elements on our network are Showrooms, Showcases & Posts. Each has its own design options with Posts being the least flexible & Showrooms being the most flexible. The higher level package you own, the more options you will have. Check your package for options & restrictions.

Your Headquarters on our Network. Beautiful pages that link all of your content including showcases, careers, news, events, etc. We have plenty of design options including hi-res images & video to match the look & feel of your branding campaign.
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Beautiful pages to showcase your most important campaign elements such as locations, divisions, products, benefits or your most important positions. We have plenty of design options including hi-res images & video to match the look & feel of your branding campaign.
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Post are content such as career listings, news, articles, events, etc. Most formatting is standard & customization is not allowed in order to keep a uniform & professional appearance. Include logos, images & video to promote your brand image.
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