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MVP Membership

Enterprise Level Recruiting | Small Business Pricing

Custom Branding

MVP Level Members have the most branding options with custom designed employer showrooms, showcases & career listings to match their campaigns & brands.

Highest Rank & Priority

MVP Level Members get our top priority service, rank the highest on their chosen sites & have the first option on sponsorship of sites & special editorial sections.

Lowest Pricing

MVP Level Members get the absolute lowest pricing available per service while also getting the highest level of branding, customization, service & product options.

HQ Plans

Recruiting for your Headquarters
These plans offer everything you need to recruit every type of position in your US Headquarters. Use a blend of Custom Designed Employer Profiles, Career Profiles, Employee Profiles, News, Community & Philanthropic Involvement, Events, Job Listings & anything else you need!

Starting at $96/mo

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Chain Plans

Recruiting for Multiple Locations
Restaurants, Retail Stores, Banks & other companies with a lot of locations can use Location Profiles to recruit inexpensively year-round for their most common positions in each city. This allows you to save time and money by not posting so many job listings. Save your job listing credits for those rare and difficult searches.

Starting at $96/mo

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Job Plans

You prefer Traditional Job Listings
These plans are perfect if your strategy mainly uses traditional job listings because you hire for a wide variety of position types or highly skilled, specific applicants. In this case you need a plan that lets you regularly post large amounts of job listings at a reasonable price.

Starting at $96/mo

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Branding Plans

You Focus on Recruitment Branding
These plans are great if you want to utilize a blend of any or all of the recruiting tools we offer to build your Employer Brand for the long-term while fulfilling your current hiring needs as well. Blend any of our tools such as employer profiles, career profiles, news, articles, location profiles, events & job listings. We give you so many credits per month or year and you use them however you like.  

Starting at $96/mo

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CareerMVP MVP Copy

Your Brand, Your Way

You are incredibly meticulous about your employer brand. And, we love that about you. In fact, we only work with companies who are. You’re the expert on your brand strategy. So, let us know how we can customize any of our packages to fit your needs!

Add or Update

Some companies like to refresh their listings each month. Some prefer to leave those listings alone & add additional listings instead. We let you choose. So if you have an Jobs 4.0 plan, each month, you can either refresh 4 of your current listings, add 4 more listings or any mix of the two that adds up to 4 transactions. Any listings that are not refreshed, stay on until you refresh or replace them.  

CareerMVP MVP Copy
CareerMVP MVP Copy

Post News & Events

Your posting credits each month can be utilized for a lot more than career listings. You can also post news, events, inspirational employee stories, interviews, expert articles, product releases & anything else that supports your employer brand or campaign. Talk about your community involvement, diversity, training programs & anything else that shows why your company is such a great employer. These post are not limited to 90 days. They stay on as long as you like. Events with dates of course expire once the event is over unless you refresh it for the next time.

Lots of Locations?

Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, Retailers, etc.
We have online career publications & local publications in every city & state. And, you can add your monthly posts to any of them. For year-round low-maintenance coverage, use one of your showcases as a local employer profile in each of your major markets. Need more locations? Trade 1 of your monthly posting credits for the year for a year-round showcase. You can also talk to our team about adding more showcases to your package.

CareerMVP MVP Copy
CareerMVP MVP Copy

Most Common Positions?

IT, Sales, Physicians, Engineers, etc.
Every company has positions they recruit year-round. Why should you constantly take the time & budget to post these positions? Use one of your showcases to have a beautiful, custom page to recruit for these positions year-round! Each showcase can be cross-posted on 1 city, 1 state, 1 trade main channel & 1 other trade site at no additional cost.


The headquarters of our network. A great place for your main Employer Showroom with your overall corporate message. Visit

Every Industry

We have trade publications in every industry. Recruit experienced passive & active applicants in your industry. 

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Recruit for corporate positions like IT, Finance, HR, Management, Marketing, Sales & Facilities.

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City & State

We have career publications in every city & state with options to automatically cross-post any & all content.

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2 Months Free

Get 2 months free when you pay yearly on a 45 day invoice. We’ll invoice you for 10 months and give you the package for 12 months. Paying yearly also gives you the ability to use your posts anytime throughout the year instead of earning 4 at a time on the monthly plan.

Setup Fees Waived

We’re waiving our basic setup fees for companies buying for the first time or adding to a package. Choose from our standard designs & provide us with your images & ad copy. We’ll tweak it to get the look you like. For full customization, we’ll give you a quote.

Yearly Refresh

Every year, we’ll refresh your Showrooms & Showcases at no additional charge. Need a complete custom redesign? Need a refresh for your whole package or just certain elements periodically through the year? We’ll be glad to give you a quote.