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Your Brand is Iconic!

So, why aren’t you using it to recruit?

Recruitment Branding

Companies spend millions of dollars over decades building their brands. It’s the most valuable asset any company has. So, they are meticulous about every nuance of how that brand is utilized from marketing campaigns to the design of a new location.

Yet when it comes time to hire the best employees for that new location, most are just using plain job listings with nothing but text. Why not use the company logo, large format photos, video and the latest design elements to attract the top talent who will also be representing your brand?


CareerMVP Showrooms

Your official recruiting web site is as beautiful and professional as any of your product marketing. And, it includes all of the information applicants need to know in order to make an educated decision.

Looks incredible on any size screen!
Looks incredible on any size screen!

With our new Showrooms, your recruitment campaigns on any of our network sites can now look as incredible as your official recruiting site.

Design – Include graphics, logos, photography, videos and links to your official web site(s) and social media.

Mobile – It will all look amazing on any size screen because our sites are all mobile responsive.

Educate the Applicant – Let applicants know why you’re the best employer with complete information about your company, products and benefits as well as your latest news, executive interviews and job listings.

Layouts – You can have it all on one page or add on pages dedicated to providing details on the most important elements. And, we have plenty of layout options to let your message flow just how you planned.

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