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Agency Services

Ad Agencies & PR Firms

We Love Agencies!

A large portion of our business comes through agencies. We do everything we can to build those relationships. Our agency team can provide you with personal assistance with editorial, custom campaigns, custom products, integration with your posting engine, monthly/bulk invoicing, special pricing & commissions.

Not only do we offer your clients discounts, we also offer agencies up to 25% commission based on the volume of business.

Direct Posting
Work with our team directly to design & maintain the ultimate campaigns, designs & strategies to reach your client’s goals.

Posting Engine
Work with our team to import all of our sites into your posting engine. We’ll customize our products & pricing to fit your client strategy.

Content Wrapping
Work with our team to determine a content strategy. Our team will pull the content from the client’s site on a set schedule or as it is received via email & post it on the relevant sites with the desired design.

Monthly Subscriptions
Give your clients our best member packages, deepest discounts, highest sponsorship opportunities & simplified billing. They also earn more benefits the longer they are members.

Yearly Packages
Pay yearly, get 2 months free & use Posts any time during the year. (Monthly clients earn those each month.) Clients will also rank higher than monthly sponsors who are at the same membership level.

You have a strategy & a style for each client. While our platform is extremely  flexible, we can still tweak it to give you the exact vision you want for each client’s campaigns. We can even create a set of custom packages exclusively for your agency.

Our agency relationships are our number 1 priority. Our preference is to work with agencies on every campaign. So, we greatly value & respect your agency/client relationships & will do what it takes to help you & your client succeed together!

Agency Promotions
We have agency relationships that span 20+ years. We know when you succeed, we succeed. And, you make our job easier. So, we want to support your agency with editorial coverage & our MarketingMVP Agency lists for each city & trade.


Editorial coverage is the basis of our network. And, we want to make sure we are covering all of your clients & your agency. To learn the details about our editorial, click here.

Trade & Local
We have a publication for every major trade & city. So, your coverage goes on the appropriate trade & city publications.

We build an editorial profile for each of your clients & your agency with news, interviews, client projects, reviews & product profiles.

Add our premium options & packages for express review, prime placement, beautiful design options, promotions & sponsorship.

Content Marketing

You’ll notice our publications do not have banners, text ads or any other traditional advertising. All of our paid options are basically upgrades of our editorial. In fact, in order to advertise, a company must first be approved for editorial because we want our sponsors to be 100% relevant to each publication. Then they can choose from many premium options for the ultimate brand exposure targeted to a certain industry or city. To learn more about these options, click here.

Your company’s brand is one of its most important recruiting tools. So, each piece of your recruitment marketing campaign with us will carry your brand’s look & feel. Plus, we offer year-round campaigns because building a strong employer brand takes time.
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Career Publications in every city & industry. Target one or multiple markets. Fulfill current hiring needs with traditional Career Listings or put your Employer Brand in front of every applicant in a market with Front Page, Category & Menu Sponsorships. 
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Top Companies invest in PR to build their Brands. Top Employers leverage that Brand Equity to build their Employer Brands! That’s why our Career Publications publish news, interviews, product profiles, articles & videos from our Top Employers!
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